Andrea Scholze, born 1988, in Oslo, Norway

About my work

I usually work with ceramics and create sculptural works that approximate a life-size scale, asserting themselves both visually and physically in their space of installation. The sculptures are often figurative, but sometimes take more abstract forms. Roughly-modelled beings have long been a trademark of my practice, which seeks to prompt critical reflection on different aspects of human evolution. I usually build my works in clay with coling technique. Coiling technique involves rolling sausages of clay and then coiling them to build an object that is completely hollow inside. Instead of smoothing and perfecting the surface, I often leave a rougher surface where the process of creation can be viewed through the finger marks and holes left behind.



My works can be organic and imperfect, but also more streamlined and geometric. I have a fascination with light, and I am increasingly exploring other materials such as concrete, metal, plexiglas, glass, which have other properties and are a contrast to the moldable clay. I find inspiration in 60-70's aesthetics, interiors, architecture and science fiction- and Giallo films. More recently, my work has been focused on creating compositional relationships between the objects I create. Influenced by both interior design and film scenography, I bring objects together into a defined visual space, by staging them in different installation environments. These installations are often inspired by a retro aesthetic and the dystoptian view of the science fiction film genre.